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Magic Specs™ Introduces Color-changing Glasses

Magic Specs™ Introduces Color-changing Glasses


Magic Specs™ has introduced innovative and playful blue light blocking glasses that seek to protect eyes from extended screen use.

Blue light blocking lenses have filters that block or absorb blue light from getting through and penetrating the eyes.

“Magic Specs™ provides the best gift to buy, especially for kids since they spend more time than ever streaming media and studying on digital devices, especially during this post-pandemic era,” a representative of the company said in a statement.

All blue light comes from natural and artificial sources like the sun, light bulbs, and light-emitting diode (LED) technologies, but human beings are exposed to more blue light than ever because of the widespread use of digital devices with LED. 

“Studies published have sounded the alarm about blue light effects on the eyes. The thing is, it decreases melatonin levels and may delay or disrupt sleep, causing headaches and many other health risks. Therefore, there is a need to raise the importance of blue light blocking glasses,” the representative added. 

Magic Specs™ is not any ordinary blue light blocking glasses. It features frames and lenses that amusingly change color when exposed to sunlight or UV light. Its lenses also block blue light of up to 77.15% in 380nm-500nm spectrum and 89.60% in 475nm-650nm spectrum.

“Magic Specs™ offer the coolest choice for screen glasses and the best present to buy, especially for kids. Aside from its fun color-changing feature, they are almost unbreakable using a design that is screwless, elastic, and comes with removable and easy to replace hinges,” the representative explained. 

Magic Specs™ is currently available on their website at and offers FREE shipping worldwide!

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